Caraculo Project overview

The Photovoltaic Power Plant at Caraculo is the first project delivered and operated by Solenova. Situated 2 km from the village of Caraculo, in the province of Namibe, with a total capacity of 50 MW developed in phases. The first Phase of 25 MW became operational in 2023.

Caraculo in numbers

The project aims to:

Build and operate a photovoltaic plant

Build and transfer the operation of a 15-60KV substation

Connect to the Southern Transmission Network

The power plant consists of more than 46,000 solar modules and 98 distributed inverters, connected to 4 power stations. The technology selected for the substation is GIS (Gas Isolated Substation) and will be operated by ENDE (Empresa Nacional de Distribuição de Electricidade).

The first phase of the project will ensure stable and reliable production of renewable electricity, which will be fed into the Southern Transmission Network. As well as reducing overall electricity costs, it will reduce diesel consumption by 18 million litres per year and cut harmful greenhouse gas emissions by about 50,000 tonnes a year.

The project also contributed to the creation of jobs, both during construction (about 350) and in the operation phase (20 – 25 direct labor).

Future Projects

The construction of Phase 2 of Caraculo is expected to start soon.

Solenova continues to work closely with the Angolan government to identify and propose other opportunities where renewables can enhance access to energy that is clean, reliable and a core component of the country’s growth.


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